By Teasel


A late morning, after a late night.  I didn’t even attempt a run today. Instead I did some cooking and some chores.  Later I switched my laptop on to check that a couple of things have been picked up.  One has, one hasn’t!  Later I headed into town as I needed a few cards.  I went to a couple of shops and it felt like a real novelty, though I didn’t feel too comfortable browsing.  I also picked up lunch (the same as last Friday – as requested) and then headed home.  I met the boys at the gate, as they returned from their run.
I had planned to go for a walk in the afternoon but just after I hung my washing out it rained, and it pretty much rained for a  few hours.  Not heavy rain, but the kind of drizzle that gets you very wet.  I did some chores and eventually popped out for a walk.  At one point the rain went off and it got very hot, but it was raining by the time I got home.
Later I had a short Zoom call with some friends and TT had his usual session with his whisky chums.  I spent the rest of the evening packing my bag and locating things for going on holiday tomorrow.
These daisies are at the side of a nearby wheat field.

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