By dunkyc


My culinary prowess is not much to speak of.

I have a few staples that I can whip up when the children are here, but truth be told, I’m getting a bit bored of them. The meals, not the children.

Being partial to a curry, I’ve been trying to get the children into it so we can eventually have a proper one from the takeaway. Tonight, despite much face pulling, whinging and questions regarding spiceyness, they eventually came to peace with the fact that they were very very tentatively dipping their toes into curry land with a Sharwood’s Butter Chicken sauce.

I know that this barely qualifies as a curry, but baby steps an’ all that good stuff.

Bottom line is that they ate it, survived and in addition to actually enjoying it, have now discovered the wonder of naan bread.

Wonder how they’ll react to popadoms....

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