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Meet James Galway

This is a beautiful climber that resides in my garden. It is climbing up a high stone wall and I can look at it when I am busy at the sink in my kitchen (upstairs in my upside-down house).

Here is a quote of his that I love: “I do not consider myself as having mastered the flute,  but I get a real kick out of trying.”

I gave up trying a few years ago, but loved playing when it was going well. I now spend much more time outdoors.

We had our photo Zoom meeting this morning with presentations from Sri Lanka and the Maldives by Christine and Henry Swaddle. The Sri Lanka photos looked very like mine from Kerala, the main difference being the dominant religion. In the Maldives C and H did not go and sit on the beaches but visited remote villages. Fascinating.

This afternoon I went to the Nuffield Hospital in Newcastle where my knee operation will be carried out. The nurse taking my blood admitted it was his first day back from furlough and he had wondered if he had lost his touch! No problem. I pointed out one good vein, which is very hard to miss.

Life in the time of Covid
I have heard it said that the wearing of masks encourages people to go closer than the recommended 2 meters. There are stickers all over the hospital floors to show you just how far 2 metres is! It is farther than I realised. 

At the door, there was someone to check your temperature and ask you to use hand sanitiser. There is only one door for both entrances and exits, so you have to stand back when people are coming in.

I stood back and watched. A man in a wheelchair arrived with his wife. After his temperature was done, the nurse/technician leaned forward and moved his wife's fringe out of the way before taking her temperature. I fear she has not realised the implications of touching someone (with an ungloved hand). Nor did she immediately use sanitiser.

This hospital prides itself on its Covid precautions. I'm not so sure now. Should I report it as a training issue?

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