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By walkingMarj

In and around Humshaugh

It's been a lovely day for weather. After Annette did all the cleaning yesterday, I felt very tired this morning ( !), so I did not walk until after lunch.

First I checked the foreword I have written for Maureen's book about the Haltwhistle Walking Festival. My resident proof reader checked it too. I sent it off and crossed my fingers. (She loves it.)

On my walk, I passed the Crown, our pub. There are often unusual cars parked outside on Sundays. My blip is of a Chrysler. It looked a bit the worse for wear. The paintwork was dull with red areas. I've processed it by selecting the car and then changing the blend mode to Overlay. This has made it look better (imho). I hope a blipper or two can say more about the vehicle.

I called on Sally who has had a car accident. I took her a photo of her garden which she loved.

Then to see Liz and Nick who were just about to have visitors - in their garden of course.

I walked by the river bank and realised I have not kept up with all the new wild flowers. More photographs were taken. 

On my way home, the farmer was busy cutting the crop in one of the fields behind our house. I can't remember it ever being this early.

My last photography of the day was to photograph Margret's healing face, after surgery. The surgeon wants to see what progress has been made. 

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