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By walkingMarj

Strawberry dreams

That is what we should have tonight. We had our main course and then I had a FaceTime call with Julie. (The determined walker had been out in the rain today.)

I then busied myself until I went into the kitchen and realised I had forgotten the strawberries. Close to a disaster. These strawberries are from Iceland and are delicious. They are Scottish from Perthshire.

Mum adores strawberries. I prefer rasps, but I'll eat strawberries when they are there.

I have been at home all day. It rained on and off and was quite cold. Our planned afternoon in the garden with Liz and Nick was cancelled. I washed and set Mum's hair instead.

Tomorrow promises better weather and it will be my last walk before lockdown.

PS I had no idea that this was a special blip birthday. I would never have done an emergency blip if I had realised. This remains such a wonderful, delightful, challenging, informative, friendly (and many other superlatives) community to belong to. Thank you all.

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