Murphy’s Law

By laurie54

Morning Sky

I was meeting tech needy friend for breakfast at 6 am. After turning the corner to head down the hill, this sky hit me in the face.  I took the photo through the roof of the car.  There was probably a beautifully colorful sunrise but I wasn't up quite early enough.  I thought it was odd how virtually invisible clouds affected patches of the blue sky.

It was an awesome morning so I sat outside for a while.  As the sky grew more and more ominous and the wind suddenly got very strong, I knew (hoped?) it was going to rain.  The temperature had actually dropped and was cooler than inside so I turned off the a/c and let the wind blow through to freshen the air.  We had two bouts of steady showers which made the air fresh and wonderful. I sat and listened to the rolling thunder in the distance and the sound of the falling rain. It lulled me into a peaceful nap.

It's going on 11 pm and the doors are still open, a light breeze is passing through the house and the temperature is dropping into the 60's, which would make it the coolest night of the summer.  After the rain, the birds were in full voice.  Now it's the soothing sound of crickets. You'd think I was in Vermont instead of Arizona.  :-)

I began my list of the best singing voices of my lifetime with Whitney Houston.   I found it interesting that several of the people I was going to select performed duets with each other. So, today I'm going to kill two birds with one stone. Presented for your listening pleasure,
Celine Dion with The Power of Love
Josh Groban with You Raise Me Up
and their duet, The Prayer

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