Everyday Life

By Julez

Swan Family

I know - I was meant to blip my tree today. I forgot! I'll have to do it tomorrow, it won't matter.

This morning I had to stay in and wait for a courier to collect Brian's Coronavirus test! No panic - he doesn't have any symptoms, he has just been randomly selected for a test by a research company. Rather him than me! And I guess the government have to get their test numbers up somehow...

Fortunately I didn't have too long to wait, as I wanted to go out. I did a YouTube workout and got ready to go while I waited, and left the house virtually as soon as the driver had been. It is really hot today. I walked to the other end of town and had a look in a few shops. I bought a couple of things in The Range but that was it!

I came home and did a bit of hobby stuff and just relaxed other than doing laundry. It soon dried outside today!

Now though it is becoming very dark - I think there is a storm brewing!

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