Dolly's Day

By dollydoug

FOOD ..... and a drink

Fist of all apologies for lack of comments. After posting my blip last evening I was too exhausted to do anything else and headed for bed.  I slept OK but the mattress in the spare room is a soft one and isn't good for my back so I wake up feeling very stiff.  I will be glad to get back to my memory foam mattress tonight.

Becky and Mike went for an early run and then we had breakfast together.  They packed up the car and headed South around 10.30am.  Sad to see them go but we did enjoy a fun weekend.

I set to and did all the washing up and after changing the bedding I put a load of washing on.  I was feeling very weary by this time and I went back to bed - and slept for around 3 hours.

For my meals  today I have just been eating up bits and pieces left over from the BBQ - this included some bread, potato salad, Pringles, dry roasted peanuts, mixed olives, Walls Vienetta, Cadburys coconut chocolate and Innocent Smoothie.  A real mixture of mostly unhealthy food. But I would rather eat it than waste it.

Musical link Bon Appétit - by Katy Perry

Steps today - 4,407

CORONA CLASSIC - If Music Be The Food Of Love - Henry Purcell

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