Boys toys

We were out on a brief shopping trip to Trago Mills this morning, for a few things we saw last week and decided to go back to buy before we go home. This week the activities were all open, so Henry and Josh had a spin on these go carts....from their faces you can see they enjoyed it a lot. This was taken just before Henry took the lead on the inside!

A nice sunny day, so after lunch we drove to Cockington. Said to be the prettiest village in England. It is a group of thatched cottages nestled in a valley and by a country park, just by Torquay. Very pretty. We wanted a cream tea - only one place was open. We bought them, but were inundated by wasps, so it wasn't as enjoyable as it should have been. We had a wander, bought a few souvenirs then drove home through Torquay and along the coast.

Picked up a few buts in Morrisons for a bbq tonight. That was tasty, and now we are back round our fire. It really warmed us last night, so had to repeat the performance tonight.

Planning our last 2 days, as we will drive home leaving early Thursday. Unfortunately rain is forecast for Wednesday which means we will have wet tents....

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