Overstrand beach walk

We went for a late walk on the beach at Overstrand this evening, then up to the cliff top we walked back along the cliff. There we passed a building that had succumbed to the unstable coast line, resulting in a hole with the remains of broken bricks. It may have been a garage. I didn't realise it was quite so bad this far up the coast, as you so often hear more of crumbling cliffs around Happisburgh. I would be worried if I was in any of those cliff edge properties, including a beautiful old hotel, as their future has to be in question.

Work was OK. Busy, but I was focused (on my ipad playing the Olympics live, but don't tell my managers that!!) I got through lots of work and to where I wanted to be. One more work day this week, then a very welcome 4 day weekend.

Sewed together some of my patchwork. I now have 4 strips of patchwork, which will need to be sewn together. I think I will add a plain fabric to cover the back of my sofa. It's going to be rough and ready, quite hippy, but quirky and I think I'm going to be pleased with it!

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