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Me and my shadow.....

Today was a red letter day. I was allowed to leave the house to drive all the way to Newcastle for my pre-op Covid 19 test. It was a beautiful day with long views. This may be the last time I drive for several weeks.

The test was over quickly, but it isn't the most pleasant. The swab goes to the back of your throat and you gag after a while. Then it goes up each nostril and is twisted around leaving you feeling very dry and sore. Nothing to complain about. 

Our carers for the next couple of weeks have been doing theirs today too. They had self administered ones that came by post.

On my way back from the Toon, I spotted these two in a field by the Military Road. I had seen them last week when I went to Newcastle for my pre-op assessment.  They seem to stay very close to each other.  I found a layby and was able to wait until they walked along the field to see me.

Inseparable I'd say, which reminds me to allow voice to two other inseparables......

Aggie: Are you OK Arth? You're not getting worried about Thursday are you?
Arth:  What do you think? Do you remember what it was like last time? It was very unpleasant and I wish she'd decided not to have it done.
Aggie:  Just think about how lovely it will be when you can come downhill without pain and walk on the moors without lots of swelling.
Arth  That's all very well for you to say. Goodnight. I hope I sleep well.

Only three sleeps before the operation. Hmm.

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