Tropical Storm ....


I'm foregoing Tiny Tuesday this week (although I did have something planned) to bring you photos from Tropical Storm Isaias.  And the AOG was completely rained out .... there are pictures of some of the soaked athletes in the extra. And a picture of a soaked KangaZu (me!), too!

The rain was torrential at times today ... in fact it was for most of the day. We had lots of water in the backyard and some very minor flooding in the sunroom.  It's drying out now with the help of a fan that R set up out there. 

The corner down the street always floods during heavy rains like today and I could hear that they were working on managing the flooding somewhat for most of the day.  Because I'm so nosy ... after lunch I drove down to see how bad the flooding was.  And this is what I saw .... two idiots that tried to drive their Mustang through the high water.  There always has to be at least one, doesn't there?!?  You can see the whole corner scene in the large picture in the extra. Sadly, a local woman was killed when her car was swept away by the water. 

And now the moment you've all been waiting for .... okay, maybe not! Here are the results for August's Silly Saturday.  My apologies for getting the results out so many days after Saturday ... but life happens! No one can fill admirer's shoes but it was my honor to host this month's Silly Saturday.  The next hosted Silly Saturday will take place on Sept 5 ... hosted by ApolloFly.  The tag will be SilSSep2020.

My Silly Saturday hearts were awarded to the following (I will let the photos speak for themselves):

Honorable Mentions were awarded to the following:

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