By Cumbrialass

Wet again!

The winds dropped over night but this morning was dark and gloomy. 
Woken by the postman bringing the bonsai book I ordered for M. It is large and heavy and in a slip case. Carefully wrapped but on opening the cover it is ripped all the way down inside where the cover joins the main pages. The same on the back. 
Huge disappointment as it is a beautiful book with stunning photographs. Phoned the book shop who said they would cover the postage to return it. They didnt have another ( it is a rare book) The rest of the book is immaculate. They did offer to reimburse us a sizeable chunk so after some debate we have decided to keep it. The next half hour was searching for the correct book repair tape. 
This is the worse thing about online shopping.  So much better to go into a shop and see the item you want before buying. 

I was not in the mood to do shopping but the fridge was empty . So off to Channelside  first, to walk Fletch.  It stopped raining and was surprisingly warm. ( indicative of our weather that we should be surprised that its warm in August !) The tide was in and I wish I'd had my ' 'real' camera.  Another case of not taking it because I didnt want to get it wet.
Blip is for the 30 days challenge. 

Tesco was quiet I noticed a few people who weren't wearing masks! This annoys me because we are in danger of going back into lockdown if people continue to disregard the rules. Back home and the news that Aberdeen is back in lockdown proves that. So sad as the majority of people will have been so careful.

I'm feeling a bit anxious now about meeting our friend for lunch tomorrow. The place where we are going will not be crowded ( we hope) and there is plenty of space so the chances are it will be ok with plenty of safety precautions. All the staff are wearing masks etc.  It will be a strange experience though, especially after 5 months.

Another parcel arrived.  A large bag of patch magic. My challenge is to get a greener lusher lawn. I managed to get it cut this week before the rain.
Started raining again. 

I'm ready for some sun now.

Take care everyone.  Thsnk you for the stars and comments. :)

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