By AnneILM60

Tila Squared

This morning I was messaging back and forth with my Mum before I even got out of bed.  Because of the 5 hour time difference, this often happens.  Today we talked about shoes and I think I have talked her into ordering a pair of Clarks even though it will mean sending them back if they don't fit.

I tried to get outside before the real heat and get all my yard art decor and porch items put back out where they belong.  Got it all done but was sloppy wet when finished.  I have to hang my clothes to dry before I put them in the laundry hamper!!

The above earrings and bracelet are the Tila Squared pattern that I finished yesterday.  I am now doing this pattern again with tiles that the colour is called "peacock". They are iridescent and I thought from the photo they would be purple, green, blue, red and maybe gold but when they came they are a purplish red and green so this second set will end up being a Christmas set.  

Even with all this Covid mess and pretty much staying home, time is still moving far too fast.  It's already Friday again.  Happy Weekend Everyone.

Stay home if you can but stay safe and stay healthy for sure. xx

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