A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53


Very hot today so we decided we wanted to go to Myrtle Park in Bingley for a Raspberry Mivvi! A friend told us they’d had one there a few weeks ago.

We walked through Cottingley Woods down to Beckfoot and into the lower field at Myrtle Park where there were quite a lumber of youngsters in the River Aire.
Up to Tarquin’s and had a coffee watching two couples enjoying a game of Crown Green Bowling.
The plan was the to get the lollies to walk around with. They didn’t have them, I’m not sure they make them anymore, so,we,had double Raspberry Magnums. Tasty but really not refreshing enough for such a hot day. Sigh! Things are never as you remember them.
Never mind we had a good walk.

Returning we crossed this bridge from the park to the bottom of a Mouse Woods to return home. I just snapped this shot, I thought the sign was interesting particularly with Chris on it as it is the year of his birth.

As we headed up Beckfoot Lane I could see a dark cloud and there were a few refreshing spots of rain as we walked across Low Park but it came to nothing.

Eda is staying with Grampa Scotland at the moment and having a nice time.

Have a nice weekend everyone,

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