A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Pink ...


I was admiring a white Hydrangea Paniculata in the historic garden at Wentworth the other day. Today I saw this one on my walk around the village after visiting the Post Office this morning. I love the way the flowers are tinged with pink. Sadly it’s not mine.

Back in our garden the Agapanthus Twister is about to burst forth like a firework and I was pleased to see another bud coming on it. Also we have a flower spike opening on the Gladioli which we didn’t think was going to flower at all.
The Marigolds are flowering at last in the front garden. We must have been too fastidious with our dead heading  last year as we had none coming up. Son Alex had masses in his garden wall so we pinched some from him, they have taken a while but their colour matches the sun today! 

Brighter and less heavy today. A perfect summer day!

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