The Zaha Hadid bike shed

In her comment on yesterday's blip Tivoli voiced her concern, shared by me, that this might upset my neighbours. I think it probably will, so suggestions for beautifying it are welcome.

The Zaha Hadid phase is temporary, pending my cutting three pieces of wood the right length to support both ends and somewhere near the middle. Once that happens it will look much more like a dismally down-market greenhouse. Because the roof is not the same depth at each end (see yesterday's), I have this evening been revising cosines, last used 47 years ago, to work out exactly what length strut I need at the other end once I've decided on this end. Of course I can do it by eye, and probably will, but I remember enjoying trigonometry so I thought it would be fun to remind myself. It was. Much easier putting numbers into Google than looking them up in those pale blue printed tables.*

*Reference for UK people a bit older than a certain age.

(I see there was quite a nice sunset behind me.)

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