Silly Saturday ....

... outside the AOG arena.

It was very quiet at the Pennsylvania AOG Arena this morning so this reporter and her driver headed off to the Minsi Lake arena to check out the action there.  The lake was drained a couple of years ago in order to fix the dam but they started refilling it earlier this year.  And just like last time we were there in February I thought there would be more water filled back in.  There was more than in February but still not filled all the way ... even after this past Tuesday's storm.

Any hoo ... there was still a lot more AOG activity here than at our home arena.  Lots and lots of dragonflies, dashers, etc.  We could even see some fish in the shallows of the lake ... and something else we had never seen before .... a freshwater prawn!! Crazy cool to see this!

We sat and took pictures on one side of the lake before driving to the other side looking for more AOG activities.  As we approached the boat launch area I saw this kayaking entrant completing with his dog aboard.  Right behind him was another kayak ... with a dog in tow! But they couldn't overtake this man and his dog ... it was a close one though. 

I almost forgot to mention the dogs names!  The female in the kayak is Maddie and the male in the water is Snoopy!

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