Alternative Olympic Games ....

.... day 9.

I'm reporting today from the Pennsylvania AOG on Team Female Goldfinch. It was their moment to shine on the Sunflower Eating event.  Here you can see she really knows how to get to those sunflowers and has many different techniques.  She's a winner in my book.

A member of Team Male Goldfinch was almost disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct.  He wasn't letting this female compete as she should have been able to .... he kept flying down to the same sunflower that she was on and chasing her off.  He got a serious reprimand from the judges. 

And the was almost a disaster with Team Monarch Cat as the caterer (me!) left the arena without checking on their food supplies (milkweed) and returned to find the Cats very restless because all the food (milkweed) was gone. The problem was soon rectified and they are now happily munching away again. 

All these pictures were taken during my own Olympic event ... swimming in the pool!

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