Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Had to get up early as I was expecting a parcel delivery.  Once it had arrived I went back to bed.  Didn't set the alarm and finally woke up around 3pm.  Did a few chores and then started giving the back bedroom a tidy up.  Neil's girlfriend has gone to Ireland to visit her Mam and Dad so Neil is coming here for a few days.  The room was just about OK to sleep in ( I actually slept in there while Becky and Mike were here ) but I wanted to make a bit more space so I had a sort out.  I soon regretted that decision as the more I sorted the more mess I made.  In the end I did achieve what I set out to do  - and I even threw some things away. 

During my tidy up I found a box of old beer mats.  They were mostly collected by me in the 80's. Did you know that a beer mat collector is called a tegestologist?    Picked out some of the more interesting ones to blip.  ( Snowball used to be my Mam's favourite drink )

Musical link - I think I'll just stay here and DRINK  by Merle Haggard

Neil was supposed to come here tonight but he changed it to tomorrow.  Reason - he's been doing another of his mad running challenges. (  Its not a proper event - just something he wanted to do to do for himself. ) Midnight to midnight. 4. 2 miles every hour in a loop - home for 5 to 10 mins then out again.  He hoped to reach 100 miles.  However he messaged earlier to say that he had to quit after doing 20 hours due to being " shattered " because of the heat.  Cooler conditions would have made it easier.  Shame he couldn't complete the full challenge but he did well to stick it for 20 hours. And he managed to do 81 miles.

Slimming World groups started up again this week after being " virtual " since lockdown started.  My group has moved from Mondays to Tuesdays.... but I didn't go tonight.  The venue has changed and its not easy for me to get there. The new venue is around 2 miles away.  Its all downhill going but of course its an uphill struggle coming back.  There is a bus but as you have to book a slot at the group and you must be on time I didn't want to rely on buses.  This  venue is only temporary for 4 weeks while our new venue in the village gets renovated.  So in the meantime I will continue to be a virtual member, pay my fees online and send in my weight in a message to my consultant.  I lost 2 pounds this week.
Steps today - 4,755

CORONA CLASSIC - Midnight Express - Nuno Bettencourt

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