Dawn's Journal

By DawnP

Pond Manoeuvres

I had a lazy day today, but did manage to battle through the greenery to my poor pond  which was disppearing under large water iris and buttercup plants and excessive oxygenating weed.  My excuse in letting it get that far was that earlier in the season I'd spotted numerous damselflies laying eggs in the weed.  However, enough is enough.  So today I fished out large clumps of weed, leaving on the side to allow any water creepy-crawlies to creep out back into the pond.

Next thing I know, a largish white goldfish appeared to enjoy the newly cleared open water under the cascade (I thought I'd lost all my fish to the cats), and then a frog popped his head up for air while using a buttercup leaf as a platform.  A little while later he leapt across the pond and began to climb up the cascade (extra), quickly followed by a second!

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