Woman Walking

By njoyce06

A Close Call.......

I had a close call today!   An 84 year old neighbor, Alice, asked if I would take her shopping, then we could go out to lunch.   Of course, I said yes.   Alice is a hot ticket, and we laugh our sides off.
      Well.......   I got Alice to a Store where there was 80% off a brand name of underwear.   She got behind that store cart and was gone!   She was around the aisles faster than I could, look and try to locate the brand she was looking for.  As I came out of an isle, she was coming up from the opposite side, had already been around changing rooms, found what she wanted, picked it out and was ready to check out!   This lady is one quick shopper, knowing exactly what she wants, no matter where it is in any store.  If I had stood in the aisle I would have gotten run over by the grandma riding the reindeer!!!!!! 
      I look at a handbag, with her, looked up and she was gone.........
She was in the isle to check out, 4 isles away, at the front.  She is one fast shopper!   Since I hate shopping she was an absolute delight!   I told her that I would take her any time she wasn't comfortable driving.  She's my kind of shopper!!!!!

After speeding in the isles Alice suggested we get lunch, just up the street.  It was a restaurant I had never been to before.  She walked in first, and went left.  I wasn't watching, walked forward and into this gator!   He was 3 feet taller than I was!!!!!  I almost screamed!  
There was a ripple of laughter in the restaurant,  I turned and bowed to everybody, blushing as red as a tommato!!!!!!!!!!!
      Afterwards,Alice and I and a few other patrons, had a really great laugh! I do enjoy a good one on me!   We had a great meal, a really fun fun time, with a fabulous lady who is one hot ticket!!!!!!      I told Alice I would take her shopping, anytime.     

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