Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54

Bird On A Stick VII

I'm not sure if this is an adult female cardinal or a juvenile. As soon as I put out fresh oranges I thought out loud: a cardinal will be here in seconds.  Funny that I thought of a cardinal before I did an oriole. Sure enough, a male came zooming in. By the time I grabbed the camera he was gone.  Then I saw a cactus wren trying to eat a piece of a peanut. I hadn't seen one in a while.  This time, the camera was next to the door. But as I slowly slid the door open, he vanished, too. Finally this cardinal stopped by.  She didn't go for any food or drink. Just sat on the stick and looked around. Then off she went. Great expanded (with the triangles to the right) or in gallery view

I picked up the pair of 'loaner' hearing aids this afternoon.  That's a good thing. As I was pulling into the garage, Tech Challenged Friend called.  No hurry again, but she subscribed to the NY Times and didn't know how to get it on her computer.  Once I'm in for the day, that's it. But since I was still in the garage, I went, set her up and put it on her bookmark bar.

Today's best singer of my lifetime is Karen Carpenter. Hard to argue with this one.
Here are two of her songs.  The first is so happy and uplifting I'd sing it at the top of my lungs, inside or out.The second is one of her classics.
Top of the World
We've Only Just Begun
I can hear you singing it already!
Happy hump day!

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