By LadyFindhorn

Project Beanie

There’s nothing nicer than getting a parcel and more so when it’s unexpected. When the door bell rang just as I was about to enter a Zoom meeting, all sorts of excuses sprang to mind as to what I could say to the caller to curtail any conversation. But lo and behold it was the postie proffering me a package.
After the excitement of prodding it to give me a clue as to what is was and checking the sender’s address and finally opening it, I was rewarded with this pattern and wool for a Shetland beanie sent from a benefactress in Orkney. Thank you so much- you know who you are.

I have had the most inactive day in the last 6 months. I got up late ( for me)and dithered about wondering what to do before settling for a coffee and some baking- oat and raisin biscuits and a tea loaf . I do detect a little more finesse in my baking. Obviously practice helps, not that there’s the slightest chance yet of a prize at a WRI sale of work.

My half price meal with Porty daughter last night was excellent and I think she enjoyed it as much as I did.
It was accompanied by enough liquid refreshment that she took an Uber taxi home rather than walking to Princes Street and catching a bus. I think that was a very sensible decision on her part!
As for me, I thought I would never need to eat again..... a big mistake as it’s turned out.

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