Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Mountain barns

Usually we hike or do some activity during the day and then just before supper Gavin squeezes in 9 holes of golf, as the apartment is opposite the village golf course. However this morning Gavin, Luke, Adam and Meriel were up early and had teed off at 8am. Luke has lectures on zoom from 9am to 5pm UK time, so that is 10am to 6pm here, so he had time before they started for a quick 9 holes. Meriel has never played before but Luke persuaded her to join them which of course was difficult for her having never played at all. The 4th and 5th holes are just behind our chalet apartment so I walked up there with Xena and we watched them play these two holes, Xena getting very excited when she recognised them across the fairway - see extra

After breakfast I then took Xena for a walk on my own. Gavin had a zoom board meeting and Adam also had a zoom lab meeting. It was much hotter than I expected but we enjoyed our walk. She had to cross another small suspension bridge over the river which she was very nervous of when she encountered one yesterday, but today she was better. As I was walking home for lunch Gavin phoned, his meeting was over and he suggested we eat a salad in the village on the terrace of one of the restaurants, which was a lovely idea. 

Later Gavin and I had a cycle ride around the village on our bikes, while Meriel took Xena for a walk. My bottom was very tender from yesterday's ride so we only did about 18km. Every afternoon we have thunder and clouds building up but there was hardly any rain today.

Tonight Gavin is making a traditional Swiss supper of bratwurst (veal sausage) and rösti - I even managed to find a vegetarian bratwurst in the supermarket for Meriel.

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