Setting Sun

Another day hunched over my laptop, trying to work some budget magic to solve our intractable problem.  I did make myself have a proper break at lunchtime and went out for a  short walk – it was very hot.  After the extended thunder storm last night lots of places are flooded, and without electricity and internet connections.  We seem to have got off lightly here.  But worse than all that there has been a train derailment near Stonehaven with a number of fatalities.  Dreadful news. 
BB was out kicking a football with a few friends today and he also declared it to be very hot.  Later in the afternoon he had a rugby training session and then this evening he had a gardening session.  It’s good to see him so active again.
I made something from my birthday cookbook for tea tonight – one of the Roasting Tin books and it was a success.  Just as well as there is loads of it!
Later I went for a walk  and it was still really warm, so a lovely evening.  I was almost home when I bumped into a school mum who was out walking her dog, so we stood and had a long chat.  It was dark when I got home.  The nights are drawing in and it’s only August!
I captured this sunset from Lennoxlove Estate.

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