Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Just Ducky

I tried my best to get some shots of dragons laying eggs but I just couldn't get it done in spite of all my efforts and no small amount of cursing.  Feeling dejected, I started considering my other options...when along came 3 first-year Mallards.  Obviously they've been fed as they cruised right up to where I was crouching in the weeds, looking hopeful. When I wasn't forthcoming with anything tasty, they did what any good Mallard does - they started dabbling. And one snapped at a couple of dragons that got to close.  Anyway, nothing special about this other than that it was taken from about 6 feet.  

Hubs and I arrived at our spot in the Poconos mid afternoon, and spent the required time getting everything hooked up, leveled, etc.  Then we enjoyed a nice cocktail hour outside overlooking the lake.  This morning, we started the day with a nice long chat with my parents.  Then, we got out the inflatable kayak that our neighbors lent to us...

It took us some time to figure out the proper sequence of inflating it - not to mention the manual pump.  However, once it was properly inflated, we grabbed oars, donned life jackets and took it down to the water.  And what fun we had!!  We paddled all over the lake just enjoying the day, the dragons, the swallows, and mostly each other.  Texted our neighbor to say how much we were enjoying it. He offered to sell it to us at a very good price, we said yes, and now we own a tandem inflatable kayak!  It was so much fun that we went out again in the afternoon.

I think this will be a good entry point for us in terms of kayaks.  We really don't know how often we will go out so weren't sure it was worth it to spend big bucks on kayaks at this point.  This gives us a nice tandem ride that can also be easily converted to a single for when I want to go out alone.  It's amazingly stable and will be perfect for using on lakes around our area.  So, happy campers (literally).

We have to be out of our spot here by noon tomorrow but maybe there will be time for a quick turn on the lake before we leave.  Wishing I'd brought the dry bag so that I could take the camera out with me - next time.

Now, off to take a shower and get ready for Quarantine Monday!

Be safe.  And, as always, be kind and loving.


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