Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


I suspect that this is the same individual who was trapped in our garage late yesterday for about 3 hours.  Definitely young - you can still see the gape and the only noise it makes is a juvenile "peep".  I would like to think that it stopped by this morning to say thanks.  (Yea, I know that's a stretch).

I ended up putting a huge branch of pokeberry in the garage, near one of thee doors (at the recommendation of bird rescue person I know).  While we were enjoying socially distant cocktails with our friends on the patio, it must have finally gotten brave enough to land on the poke, and then easily fly out the door.  Surprisingly, this is the first bird in our garage this summer.

I am blipping early because Hubs and I are planning to hit the road around 1, traveling only about an hour to the Poconos in Pennsylvania where we will hook up our RV and enjoy some fishing, kayaking, reading and doing nothing.  Can't wait!

Stay safe out there.  Be kind to yourself and to others.  Be loving.


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