simple moments

By simplemoments



in the community garden - this year and in a plethora - of colors and variety - in fact i never - knew there existed so - many different kinds - of sunflowers until these - began blooming in everyone’s - garden plots - plain yellow, orange and yellow striped - orange striped, brown - brown and orange - need i go on? - it’s amazing to me - when i believed that - there only existed - a big yellow sunflower - on the planet

laugh if you must - but i’m just a simple girl - and all these variations - must be hybrids born - over years of marrying - different seeds together - or some such right? - somebody wanting to see - what might happen if - you put this with that - well i suppose on some - level it works but for me - i do like the simplicity - of a big ‘ole plain - yellow sunflower smiling - down at me against - a blue sky - something about that - just makes it...


happy day.....

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