Not Mono Monday ....

I realized as I was processing this beautiful Ruby-throated hummingbird that it's the third Monday that I'll be posting a hummingbird! But I'm not going to apologize!  

I had every intention of participating in Mono Monday this week as I really like the themes ... homophones!  Today was "male/mail" and I even had some photos ready to convert to mono. I did post a MM photo on my other journal.

But then later in the day we had two (yes, two!!) hummingbirds zooming around in the backyard! This is such a rare occasion that I simply had to post yet another hummingbird picture.  By this time in the afternoon we were about to get a raging storm so the light was fading fast.  Please look large.

It's been a while since I've been so behind with my journal.  But I have finally caught up ... starting with Flower Friday.

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