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My turn for breakfast in bed was cut short this morning when my online consultation with the GP morphed in to a telephone consultation with the GP and then morphed further in to an actual consultation at the surgery.  

Tony drove me there and we sat out in the carpark until the Doctor rang to say he would meet me at the door.  Strange to walk through a dark, deserted building (apart from the receptionist and another doctor).  The GP said, 'I'll take a look in the ear which is okay first to be able to compare then promptly announced that the normal ear was blocked and the blocked ear was worse!'  They are not doing syringing because of Covid so I have four or five weeks of putting olive oil in both ears.  I'm sitting her now looking like Ricky Balboa's corner with my towel around my neck!  Calling in to the pharmacist's for an ear dropper took me back in time.

The morning wasn't over yet as I changed in to my Hobbler t-shirt and walked down in to the village for a sombre meeting with several Hobbler pals, gathered to pay our respects to Chris, the husband of our founder Sue, who sadly passed away last week.  He had been battling cancer for several years.  With funeral restrictions in place, villagers and friends and relatives lined the streets and followed the cortege down in to the centre.  It was a good send off.

I then had to rush up to the next village for a dental check up.  Tony had already gone ahead for his but I was running late and hoping that my temperature wasn't raised for when the dental nurse took it at the door!  More Covid measures to deal with but thankfully the teeth are okay so that is hopefully it until February.  Back home we both needed to sit and have a cuppa.  Strange how a morning of appointments this time last year would have been more a chore than anything else, add the virus and it's a different ball game.

Becky has just sent us some photos from daycare where Euan is finding his feet, he is still there so that's a good sign.  Almost a full day!

The sunshine today has brought out the blue agapanthus.  I like how the mortar in the wall behind has given it a frame!

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