By ArcLight

Multiple obsessions

So many temptations in relation to my many obsessions today, including a possible leithwalkshop (banked for the future) and various pictures taken using the macro lens on the balcony. I went with one of the latter - one of many pictures I've taken of the naughty bits of flowers recently - in the end.

Another generally productive day. One thing it produced was less stiffness. I woke up this morning with considerable muscle fatigue and stiffness, related to exercise taken in the previous two days. I took it easy today, apart from going out for a walk after lunch, which also enabled me to stop and have a coffee whilst out. Always good to get a change of scene.

I also did a manuscript mindmap of our next big project (that is, something involving us both) and then after dinner I worked with Mr A to put it into mindmapping software, which had the twin benefit of (a) making it clearer to him what was involved and (b) convincing me of the benefits of that software.

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