Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

Seen at Leighton moss.

Day 2 = 1st/only 24hr day of our teething run for "The Wagon" Mk lll.  First stop - Leighton moss.  To, correctly, apply a double negative:-
We didn't see no birds; but very few beyond a nuthatch and a Cushat, close.  There were a few gulls, cormorants, distant ducks and a Heron on an island way out in a Mere.  This memorial location was seen en route to one of the hides.
After a wander round and swift nosh we hied unto Arnside, to see the Sea, at least. 
Arnside - another word for Spill chucker to learn ;¬)
Where we saw as many or more both numerically and varietally than at the RSPB site; enough Peewits to almost cause doubt as to its red listing as endangered.  NOT taken for the Peewits, obviously, but to the far left of the extra there's a sandbank fairly heaving with black dots - Peewits

I didn't realise out "Peewit" had so many aliases:-
"The northern lapwing, also known as the peewit or pewit, tuit or tew-it, green plover, or pyewipe or just lapwing, is a bird in the lapwing family. "  I have a "Round Tuit" but it in no way resembles a Peewit.

Not to mention a distant Egret.  I've no doubt "he'll" tell me, but Alice and I had never seen one until down in Cornwall (And another new word) a few years ago and wondered if they were a recent immigrant. 

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