A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

A Welsh lake?

No, a welcome break at Gloucester services where we stopped for coffee on our way home this morning!

A lovely morning as you can see but we have just landed home and it is cold and wet, the rain starting just south of Sheffield!
The services were busy and the road heading south and into Wales looked rammed. People getting back from holidays in time for school or heading off for the Bank Holiday weekend I imagine.

We have completed our ‘summer holiday’ in the SW and Wales having started earlier in the month in the far NW of Scotland. We have enjoyed our stay and various visits especially seeing Eda who we came to look after for a couple of days to allow Mummy and Daddy a pre baby escape. As Chris says she has been a delight.
I’m afraid Autumn is firmly on the horizon now but there is lots to look forward to. We will be back within the month either for Eda’s birthday or the new baby who is due on her birthday but may well be little earlier. Both exciting!

Enjoy the BH weekend if you are in the U.K.

On our way home we called in Cribbs Causeway as I wanted to go to John Lewis and pop into Seasalt. I’m afraid I’m more likely to go there than into Leeds at the moment. It was fairly quiet but all one ways so having walked from the John Lewis end all the way to M&S at the other for a bit of food shopping for the weekend, we decided to return to car on the outside of the Mall.
Strange what things you see - an upside Disney house and some floral hippopotami! -shame it isn’t Silly Saturday. Extra.

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