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By Jeanneb53

Another castle, another country!

Up early to get Eda to nursery for 8.00 am!

With all that time on our hands we treated ourselves to breakfast and then headed over the Severn Bridge to Wales.

We had a booked ticket for Chepstow Castle for 10.00 am and we’re there when they opened the door. CADW have a reciprocal agreement with English Heritage like Historic Scotland)
A classic Norman Castle, in fact it is the earliest datable Norman castle in the U.K. with foundations from before 1070. There is quite a lot more to it than is immediately visible including the oldest castle door remaining in Europe. (Extra) The castle ‘ grows’ up the cliff  above the River Wye. The buildings showing 
different stages of development through the centuries up to Tudor times.
Non the less we had gone around it within an hour and so headed down to the River Wye. A lovely border town 

We then took the lovely scenic route down the River Wye to Monmouth where we had a coffee and a look around. Another pretty border town with an attractive main street and shops but the worst traffic congestion I think I’ve ever seen.

Picked Eda up from Nursery a little early as she was going to a 3rd birthday party. Quite an experience but a good time was had, I think, by all!

In exactly one month Eda will be three and having her own party and she might have a new baby to join her by then too!

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