Capital adventures

By marchmont


An almost normal Sunday. The sun shone, I cut the grass and did some gardening (my plan of smothering the garden in random plants is working - few weeds). I spoke to the foxes, and the frogs booked another cancellable hotel and did a bit of sewing outside while listening to the rest of 'Madam Will You Talk'. Failed to raise #1 son and had a support call with #2 son before #3 son and H came for dinner. First time I've entertained here since last November or cooked for anyone else since April. Since they both work for SG, lots of political chat.

#3 son changed the outside lamp bulb and took away his CDs. Another cupboard emptied.

This pretty moth was resting outside and happy to be moved for a better shot. Perhaps someone will tell me what it is.

PS The missing info reappeared on the Edinburgh Leisure site. So glad I didn't imagine it.

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