A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Cullingworth Scarecrow Festival.

A lovely sunny day for a change although a bit chilly to start with.
I’m afraid to say, having been born in Cullingworth and living less than 2 miles away, that this is the first time we have been!
You will have seen lots on other blippers posts over the last couple of days but the sun and the fact that fellow blipper P1nkdragon has done a display encouraged us to take a look this lunchtime.

We had a good sing this morning, all ATN songs, with positive talk of starting up again before too long so we didn’t set out till after that taking an apple each to chomp as we walked around - Chris went to get his haircut this morning in the garden shed and came away with a bag of apples! 

All great efforts so hard to chose one for a blip till I saw this one. It so all knitted so it just had to be! 
Sent a picture of the Little Mermaid to Eda as I know she would have loved that.
We only walked around the streets in the central part of the village though there were quite a number more on the outskirts. When heading into the village we saw the ‘Police speed cop’ scarecrow (Wilsden Walker - Friday) but he was gone when we left. 

I’ve added some to my latest Covid 19 months Flickr album if you want to see more. Here. Nice way to spend the bank holiday without any queues or traffic.

80 years ago today when my parents got married!

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