A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Lockdown Haworth

A lovely start to September. I had an end of summer pedicure booked in Haworth and suggested that Chris come and wait for me so we could enjoy a morning in this lovely village. Only expected to be half and hour but, oops it was nearer an hour.

Never mind after I’d finished we walked up through Haworth’s Central Park always nice with it’s bandstand and saw this poster on a stand. A compilation of photographs of Haworth in Lockdown. I thought it was really well done so took a snap of it and have decided to use it for my blip.

Walked up the iconic cobbled Main Street and went in to Cobbles and Clay for a coffee. All the outdoor seats were taken and the village was still very much in summer mode with quite a few visitors. (Anyone who is unaware this village is known for it’s association with the Bronte sisters who lived with their father and brother at the parsonage and also the Keighley and Worth Valley heritage railway.)

We walked back down the side of the park and called into the station. The doors were open but there was no one on duty. Trains are running tomorrow and other times later in the week but I was wanting to make enquiries about later in the season.  A booking for Eda and family would be great as she had such a good time at the Avon Valley Railway at the weekend but it will take a bit of forward planning!
Grass cut this afternoon and washing dried. A most pleasant day to start the new season and even better don’t have to go back to work - don’t think I’ll ever lose that ‘September feeling’!

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