Not much else happens around here but doing my gigs. The first one was deep in the dark spruce forest, in a small village called Påryd. From early 1900 till about 1960 this was a place with many small industries of several kinds, giving employment to many families and you can still see very large, costly wood houses from that time. From the 60s most of the industry closed down and people had to move for work or get old where they were. I was probably playing for some of them today. But now it's again a growing village because prices in Kalmar are high and people have the possibility to live close to nature and pay less for good houses. There are not more industries but transports are better and quicker so it's possible to work in town and live out here.

I had lunch at the unlikely village Café and Restaurant, which I heard so many good things about. Two chefs decided to live out here with their families and to start a restaurant with good food and, so far it's growing. Isn't it  the Michelin guide that says about their second star that the restaurant is worth a detour? This is certainly that. It's a very long time since I had anything better to eat. If you are ever near here, you must come here to eat. I think my marker in the Google-maps link is placed at the restaurant.

My three gigs today was all very nice and I enjoyed it a lot -and got a lot of praise too. It's a good job I have.

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