Bouncing with Jessica

Remember Donna Hayes’ play, Silent Voices, that we were making into a movie? Jessica is a member of the film crew, a skilled videographer with experience filming theatrical events (you saw her on the left in this blip), and she brought me good news today. It looks like our official opening/release will be October 6.

We met in a park (both in masks and further apart than it appears from the photo). A first version of the play should be ready by the end of this month. We’d like to have a semi-private preview for families of the people depicted in the play and for the cast on October 1, at some outdoor space. Donna explained, “the first ones to see it should be the families whose loved ones speak in the play and the people who brought them back to life.”

Jessica and I brainstormed how to publicize the availability of the link via social media, and we think “opening night” could involve a car caravan to a location where there is room for many cars to park and a large white wall to project onto. Maybe it’s time for a reconstitution of the drive-in theatres of the fifties and sixties. The digital “release” means making available a link that anyone on the planet can use to access the video, if they have connectivity via wifi or whatever. 

We made lists. We envisioned a graphic to spread the word. We bounced for joy. It’s coming. It’s really coming. It’s well on the way to being here. And you can all see it. Who could have dreamed that possible?

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