By CleanSteve

A female blackbird swallowing a grape

I spotted various birds in this tree when lying in bed early in the morning. I knew they would all be scouting for ripening grapes. I grew a couple of vines from our garden many years ago, and have let them grow where and how they want. These grapes must be at least twenty feet above ground level and others have grown up even higher in the tree.

I saw a couple of small bird flitting about very secretively, and decided to try and set up my camera looking out of our bedroom window. It took a while for the birds to return after I must have initially disturbed them. Then this female blackbird showed her head briefly before ducking away into the leaves. They obviously have a difficult time finding a stable perch from which to gobble away.

Just before I took this picture the bird stood looking at me, then turned to wards some hanging grapes. A sudden lunge produced an image with a grape at then end of its pointed beak. But I thought this resulting shot as it endeavoured to swallow the grape was a better blip., and more memorable for me. 

I'm very dissatisfied by the lack of sharpness of the image Blip has produced. :-((

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