Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Making the next Gen

After another rough night sleep-wise, I slept late this morning.  Making for a slow start to the day.  However, I knew I wanted to get out on the water so I got the kayak inflated, had lunch with Hubs, strapped the kayak to the roof of my CR-v and headed to a nearby lake.  I then proceeded to spend several really enjoyable hours out on the water paddling and dawdling.  Mostly dawdling.  

I had the D600 in a dry bag, so I parked myself in among some water lilies and watched for dragons.  Saw a number of mating pairs of Eastern Pondhawks (see one of the happy couples HERE) And I also saw several females ovipositing, while being guarded by the males.  I chose this shot because if you look closely, you can see the water droplets coming off her "tail" as she lifts off the water.  I also got a nice shot of her in flight which you can see HERE.  I also got very close to some eastern painted turtles - somehow they don't seem to be as spooked by kayaks as they do when they see you standing on shore.  Even had one come to the surface to take in some air right  next to the kayak.  

Anyway, a very enjoyable afternoon getting a heavy dose of nature therapy.  I'm so enjoying the kayak.  And fortunately, we live in an area with lots of lakes.

Stay safe, be kind, be patient.  The last one is probably the hardest right now as this virus is wearing on all of us in one way or another.  But if we all take steps to be a bit more patient with each other...


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