Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


I couldn't pass up a chance to shoot some of the hummingbirds today.  This young male, even though he is only here on a brief refueling stop, was zealously guarding everything in the garden.  In between launching attacks, he'd sip nectar, mostly from the zinnias.  I chose this shot so that you can see how ridiculously short hummingbird legs are.  They are unable to walk or hop, which seems a bit of a cruel joke when you think about it.  But then again, when you can fly as fast and as adeptly as a hummer, maybe you don't need to walk, eh?

Hubs and I went over to the "new" nursing home to sign all the necessary paperwork to process MIL's move; then to the "soon to be old" nursing home to do the same on that end.  Now I think all that remains is that we will collect most of her things over the weekend so that we can move things into her room in the new place.  Then on Monday, we will transport her to the new place and stay with her for a while to get her settled in.  Nothing easy about moving someone with Alzheimer's and we honestly won't know the impact until the move is done.  But, the new place seems very well equipped to take care of her, so fingers are crossed.

After the busy morning, I pottered around outside, released four perfect monarchs and went to the gym.  After dinner, I plan to sit my butt on the sofa and watch some TV.  And tomorrow night my bestie, Peg, will be here for a visit which will be great fun!

Thanks for the love on my butterfly yesterday.  There were a bunch of them in the garden again this afternoon, too.  Such wonderful candy for the eye.


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