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By djrose007

Stuff growing

Last year we had the silver birch cut down. It was a lovely tree but the major culprit in blocking the drain holes in my MX-5 once causing a major flood into the passenger footwell. I do clean the drain hoses out with a trombone cleaner now and then but the one that was blocked, and flooded, is a large hole in the area where the roof folds away. Didn't realise it was getting blocked because there is a grille on top of it making me think just vacuuming the stuff on top would do. See extra, which I think may have been a blip subject some time last year.
A consequence of the birch going is that more rain and sun gets to the area and the whole gap has flourished. A lovely flowering bush has gone mad and the large Beech tree has spread it's branches out. You can just see the top of the pine tree sticking up to the left of centre. That was planted a few years ago when it looked like it was dying in a pot at our front door. Stuck it in the ground and it's abut 12 feet tall now.

The bottom photograph is the hedge between us and our neighbour. We had that cut down to about 6 feet and cut back by about 3 feet. It was getting a bit wild. It looked quite bare but look at it now, filled out and full of berries (Pyracantha) which the birds love. This how big it was

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