Day at a Time

By Tweedy


Over the hills and under the clouds. Thanks BlackTulip for hosting Mono Monday this week.

These are resident geese I think. They were flying quite low inspecting the newly planted fields.

I slept on and off but the heavy rain woke me at about 04:00. I did try to get back to sleep but it was hopeless and at 05:00 I put on the radio and started to feed my tea habit. No sunrise worth getting up for but Flora and I were out just before 08:00.  I knew the fields would be damp but just how soggy and muddy they are wasn't obvious till well into our walk. There wasn't much I could do to remedy things by then though I suppose I didn't need to add a second muddy field. Never mind. Back now and I'm going to settle down for a few hours of admin, writing, prep for some work and ordering stuff from the wholefood co-op catalogue.

The rain will come and go today I fear but there's no doubt that I'll be walking again later. My legs were tired after yesterday's walk and that was, at most, half of what I'll be attempting on Saturday.

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