Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Morning sun

I can't explain why this photograph of plants on the bathroom windowsill pleased me so much but it did so here it is. It's partly I think because even in the depths of winter (not that we are) this window gets whatever sun is going. And partly because it has the best (ie biggest) windowsill in the house so it's good for greenery.

It's a beautiful morning though there's a bit more cloud now than when I awoke - at a more respectable 06:30 rather than yesterday's 04:00. I feel ready for the day.

The areas where my sons and their families live have  had additional covid restrictions imposed by SG. This means that I can't look after the toddlers. Should have had one yesterday and one tomorrow. I feel disproportionately despondent about this as it indicates the likely future for us all. Schools and nurseries are still open but neither family can have visitors to their houses nor can they visit any other house.

Meanwhile Cameraman is about to set off on his long journey home. He has made his overdue family visit and now needs to get back in case there are any additional restrictions imposed in our health board area. I understand the reasons for these restrictions and things feel precarious.

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