Wanderings & Witterings

By IvarBlipS


Up and about on Sunday and two lots of washing done before sitting down to watching our recorded church service on my laptop. I had a letter-drop to do in Cumbernauld and decided to do that on Sunday afternoon.

There are only eight houses on my list and, while four are in fairly close proximity, the others are a little more spread out and I usually visit them by car. However, the weather was quite pleasant and I decided on this occasion to turn it into a walk, going down Seafar Glen and then through Seafar Wood, where this Blip was taken.

Didn't really think this through, though, as I did the woodland part of my circular walk between the first and second houses and then did the final four letter-drops in a five-minute spell at the end of my walk, only about ten minutes away from the car park. As exercises go, it was good - the paths in Seafar Wood are quite undulating and I got a 5.5km walk out of it - however, as an exercise in logistics, it seems I have some way to go! Eejit.

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