Keith B

By keibr

Signs of Autumn

While I prefer to call this time of year "late summer" there are more and more signs of autumn appearing around me.
Cycling home from town today I passed this field, recently cut for silage and there was a large flock of Canada geese. Thgese geese are with us all summer but they only congregate on fields like this one when they are getting ready to head south.
Some large birds are already on their way. Once i was home from this trip to town we sat outside in the sun for a coffee and biscuit. As we sat there I could hear bird cries from above and a few seconds later two V's of birdscould be seen high in the sky. They were just black dots really but the cries made me think of cranes and it's a little early for geese and swans to be heading off.
The classic sign of autumn is the changing colour of the leaves and here you can see it starting on the wooded slopes.
(There's a backblip from two days ago, showing the 10-year-old K playing with Rusty.)

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