By Missycat

Day 169 Hanging on in there

The baskets are just about hanging on, but I don't think that it will be long before they need to be cleared out.  This shot is taken through glass as this  basket is just outside the dining room glass doors.  
Mr MC and I did the school run for the first time today, taking and fetching, and I can confirm that traffic levels and parking difficulties are definitely back to pre lockdown levels.  Now that there is no childminder in place I will probably be doing this 3 times a week minimum.  On the plus side the walk to and from the school to the car park will no doubt benefit me exercise wise.  I did take one other shot today, while collecting Violet from school, but decided not to use it in the end as it shows social distancing at its least adequate and is probably best left unshown!

In other news: it came as rather a surprise that Caerphilly County in Wales is to go into a local lockdown, with no one allowed to leave or enter the borough without good reason.  This is only one of a number of places, both in the UK and in Europe that have seen a rise in infections recently.  The worry is that it is mostly younger people testing positive, as schools return with  universities set to follow and people return to work in greater numbers.  I'm not surprised, as social distancing seems to have gone out of the window as far as some are concerned.

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