Day 170 Hunca Munca

Today's Tiny Tuesday theme, set by this month's host MaryElizaR, is Stitches.  Once upon a time I used to do a great deal of stitching of all types, including embroidery and I stitched this little mouse some 25 years ago.  I recall that the entire piece was supposed to be done in a split stitch, but I couldn't manage that, other than when I used woollen thread for the face and paws.  Instead, I completed most of it using rows of chain stitch.  Currently Hunca Munca is hanging up in a frame in Violet's bedroom at our house.  Hunca Munca is, of course one of the mice from Beatrix Potter's book A Tale of Two Bad Mice.  Follow my link if you'd like to learn more.

In other news:  rather a big piece of news was announced this evening when the British Government decided that new stricter measures should be brought in nationwide in England,  with the intention of stemming the tide of rising cases of Covid -19 infections.  The measures basically  mean that  social gatherings of more than 6 people will be illegal, and take effect from Monday 14 September.  Of course there is the usual list of exemptions, schools, workplaces, Covid- secure weddings funerals and organised team sports for starters.  Of course some poor souls, such as the people of Bolton, are subject to even stricter regulations, where restaurants and pubs can only serve takeaway food and drink and must close between 22.00 and 5.00.  People must not socialise with anyone outside their own household.  Schools will remain open.  Only 10 days ago folk were being urged to go out and eat for half price.  The only certainty seems to be, that what lies ahead will continue to be uncertain.

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